Friday, November 10, 2006

The Runaway Bride Says Yeehaaah!

What Will the Democrats Do in Power?

The New Democratic Party

What do I think the Democrats will do in power? I think they will do the best they can. They want peace and good things for America just as much as any Republican.

I think they sense that even though they won control of both houses, many of their new faces are actually conservatives. Jim Webb, for example, who beat George Allen for a senate seat in Virginia, is about as conservative as you get. Webb, a former Republican, graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and was a highly decorated member of the Marine Corps in Vietnam. Webb served four years with the Reagan administration as the nation's first Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs and as Secretary of the Navy.

The New Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean are wild-eyed radicals, literally, with Pelosi’s Runaway Bride eyes and Dean's "Yee-haah!" Pelosi brings her “San Francisco values.” I don’t intend any negative reference to pro-gay by this—rather, I mean ultra-leftist positions like hating the military. Dean is just a hateful guy, ready to blow his temper in a moment, always disrespectful of the President and of half the country.

Yet, these two are pros also. Pelosi, I believe, will set aside her wild-eyed instincts for radical socialism and radical progressivism in order to appeal to the American voter base, which is centered far to her right. She will work with Jim Webb well, and other Democratic conservatives. She will be outwardly cordial to the genial Bush, but will maintain her steely meta-message that this man, to her, is dangerous and needs to be followed with, uh, someone like, well, Hillary in ’08.


Will the Dems be as corrupt as the Republicans were? I don’t know. I hope not. Can’t politicians ever learn? It does seem that power corrupts. We’ll all just keep an eye on them.

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The Budget

What about a balanced budget? Who knows? Dean balanced the budget in Vermont when he was governor. Pelosi champions a balanced budget in all her speeches. Yet, in the same breath, she’ll go on to mention all the new Democratic social programs she will introduce. Sounds like more spending to me.

What about taxes? Yes, I believe Democrats will keep their word on this. They will ruin the good economy by raising taxes, not just on the rich, as they claim, but on everyone.

The Environment

Democrats, I believe, will be more zealous in protecting the environment, which could be a good thing if they don’t ruin business in the meantime. I don’t object to solar panels on every home. Israel has these. Ultimately, they do help save oil, even though the initial costs are high. Go ahead, develop hydrogen power and ethanol resources. I’m not against becoming independent of the joke God played on the world by depositing many oil resources in the center of the radical Islamic world.


What about civility in government? The atmosphere will miraculously change now to civility, truly. Why? Because those nasty Republicans are out of office? No. Just the opposite. Because those nasty Democrats are in office, and they’ll stop their constant demagogic Bush-bashing and Republican-bashing in order to appear statesmanlike. There will be no need now for the squeaky wheel. They won’t have to harp day after day about the evil Republicans, the racist Republicans, the war-mongering Republicans. They have a new task, showing the American public that they are worthy of the presidency in ’08.

Democratic Agenda

The Democrats now will have the chance to at least propose their dream for America. Since their control in the Senate is slim, they won’t have a working majority in that body, but they will have a working majority in the House, which initiates bills. Of course, every bill they pass can be vetoed by the supposedly conservative Bush. So, any wild-eyed bill the Dems pass will be vetoed, even by the Great Appeaser.

The Democrats will have the chance to address all their pet concerns if they want, like health care, education, welfare, the homeless, gay marriage, ending the Iraq involvement, whatever. Their temptation will be to raise taxes, overspend, gut the military, abandon the Iraqi people, appease the terrorists, and empower the corrupt U.N. How much of this they do depends on how badly they want the presidency in ’08. If they are smart, they will curb their Runaway Bride eyes and “Yee-hah”’s, and become pragmatists—balancing the budget, advancing environmentalism responsibly, and remaining strong on the war on terror.

The Democratic Master Plan

My prediction is they will bide their time responsibly. They will act statesmanlike now, for the first time in years, in their dealings with the Republicans, and they will not propose a radical leftist agenda—until after they get the ’08 presidency. Then, all hell will bust loose. Then, they will change America forever. With Hillary in charge, and with Democrats still in control of both houses of congress, they will not be able to resist their deepest progressive urges, and we will become a socialist nation for some decades, until the pendulum swings back again to the good old days.

The War on Terror

I fear for the world in this area now that Dems are in control. Terrorists are celebrating the election all over the world. They are the happiest people on earth, even happier than Disney characters. I hope I, and the terrorists, are wrong. We’ll see. Either the terrorists will embrace the new appeasing American government, and stop blowing people up, or they will use this time of less pressure against them to build their arsenals quietly, so they can make their next attack even more spectacular than 9/11.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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