Friday, November 24, 2006

San Francisco Values

Charm and Intolerance

I know that the term "San Francisco Values" is being bandied about by both sides, before and after the election. I've had a couple of requests to define what I mean by them, so I'll oblige. First, again, in the interest of disclosure, though I lean right on many issues, there are some issues where I lean left--so San Francisco values are not all negative to me. In fact there are a few of them that I believe in and am willing to promote.

In addition, San Francisco is, I admit, a lovely city and full of its own kind of charm. It has a kaleidoscope of humanity and an aura of goodwill. It does have conservatives in its midst too, although their voices are in the minority.

I'm going to list the "San Francisco Values" that conservatives assume when they use the term, and add my comments. I am aware that these are stereotypes, and some of the notions are wrong. On the other hand, there is more than an ounce of truth in them.

My major gripe against liberals in general, and some San Franciscans in particular, is their intolerance. I see their intolerance rising to the level of fascism. So lets start with this:

The San Francisco Values

1. Intolerance. From grade school to high school to college, there is an intolerance to diverging opinion that amounts to fascism. This is ironic since one of the main premises of San Francisco values is their tolerance. They tolerate gays and blacks and Hispanics and nudity and drugs and so on, but only as long as these gays and blacks and Hispanics are liberal. Conservative values are not allowed, are shunned, and even demonized, along with their spokespersons. Teachers are 95% liberal on all levels, and they aren't shy about expressing their views, and even imposing them on their students. Conservatives are not even allowed to speak at some venues, or pelted with eggs or pies if they do. The same goes for pro-Israelis, military recruiters, or even Christians.

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2. Anti-military. I'm not talking about just anti-Iraq war, I'm talking anti-military. The San Francisco Board of Education just banned ROTC from city high schools. City Supervisors voted not to allow the retired USS IOWA battleship to port in the city. Military recruiting is attacked on college campuses even though San Franciscans "say" they oppose the war but support the troops. In effect, they are telling the military, "We think your missions are evil, but you we support. We want you to be safe, but we won't allow the recruitment you need to shorten your stays in war zones." The people in the military can see through this ruse. San Francisco hates the military, and its personnel.

3. Anti-war. I'm not just talking about anti-Iraq war, I'm talking anti-any war. Every war is opposed in San Francisco. All of their rights to speak freely have been won in just wars, by the blood of young men and women who gave them their freedom. They choose to let others do their fighting for them, and to castigate those who do fight, and those that make the hard decisions to engage in necessary war.

San Francisco gives a welcome to such organizations as A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and Racism), with their quoted goal:
End the Occupation – Bring the troops Home NOW!” We support the right of the Iraqi people to self-determination; in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination, including the right to return; to overturn the “USA Patriot” Act, and to end the repression directed at Arab American, South Asian, Muslim and immigrant communities; to call for money for jobs, housing, health care and education, not for war and occupation; and to demand an end to U.S. intervention, occupation and threats against Korea, Colombia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Syria, the Philippines, Haiti and everywhere. Only the people’s movement offers hope that an effective challenge can be mounted to the Bush administration’s war drive.

4. Anti-American. There are a large group of people in San Francisco who think that America is a bad country. To them, America is homophobic, racist, war-mongering, imperialistic, greedy, exploitive, plundering, and even terroristic.

5. Racist. Racism to me means ascribing goodness or badness according to color or race; or affording privilege based on color or race. San Francisco promotes affirmative action to the point that you needn't apply to one of their major universities if you are white, unless you have a near perfect GPA and a volunteer record to rival Mother Teresa. The same goes for city contracts for small businesses. One underlying assumption is that whites are racists, or carry with them the "original sin" of racism from the past. The worst pejorative is to be called a "rich, old white guy." So, add sexism to the list.

6. Pro-Drug. On this issue I am a true conservative. I think the government should stay out of people's lives. I believe in the legalization of marijuana, for example. So I guess I'm with some San Franciscans on this. I'm not really pro-drug, however, in the sense of wanting people to take recreational drugs, as I've seen what they can do to destroy people's lives.

7. Pro-Criminal. Mumia Abu Jamal, the black journalist convicted of killing a police officer, is innocent, according to the whacko left, Hollywood airheads, and many San Franciscoans. Why is he innocent? Because he is African-American, and he has a great sob story. All the evidence points to his guilt, but facts never get in the way of a liberal's religion. Again, racism here is involved. Everyone who commits a murder is innocent, and in fact is framed, as long as the murderer is a minority and the victim is white. They're even more innocent if the victim is a police officer. San Francisco is big on prisoners' rights, but not very concerned with victims' rights. The prisons must be humane, the gangs must be "negotiated with," and mercy must be shown to all offenders. Except, again, if the offender is an old, rich white guy, or the worst, an old rich white businessman.

8. Anti-Business. San Francisco loves taxes and hates capitalism. They prefer socialism and some even admire communism. Castro is a good guy, and business people are bad. There will be no oil-drilling off their coast even as they castigate oil companies for the rising gas prices that occur due to increasing demand for oil. They oppose the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank and any economic organization that is connected with "evil" American capitalism.

9. Pro-Palestinian and Anti-Israeli. San Franciscans tolerate Palestinian bombing of Israeli schools and markets, but castigate Israel whenever it responds to a terrorist bombing. Just as they condemn America for responding to 9/11. San Franciscans buy in to the myth that the Palestinians are the underdog in that struggle, ignoring the fact that Israel is surrounded by enemies that want to destroy it, and is isolated in the world by an unjust U.N.

10. Pro-U.N. San Franciscans basically see the U.S. and Israel, and maybe Great Britain, as bad, and the rest of the world as good. They don't care about terrorism and the bombing of babies as long as the victims "deserve it," like the U.S. or Israel. They don't even care much about the victims in Darfur, because the perpetrators there are Muslims, and San Franciscans do not want to offend Islam. Christianity they can offend, but not Islam. San Franciscans don't care about U.N. corruption or oil-for-food scams, because again the perpetrators are the good guys. If the U.S. did it, they'd be screaming.

11. Anti-Christian. Nativity scenes cannot be displayed, but menoras and crescent moons can. Christians cannot congregate on campus but Muslims can.

12. Pro-Environment. Everybody's pro-environment. It's just that San Franciscans might carry it a bit far, with tree-hugging, spotted-owl saving eco-terrorism sometimes.

13. Pro-Gay Marriage. I'm pro-gay rights, and am in favor of civil unions and all the rights a gay couple might want, like hospital visitation of partners, inheritance and so on. I am opposed, however, to gay marriage. I've been called a "racist" for having this view. This is an example, I think, of San Franciscan and liberal tactics of demonizing anyone who disagrees with them. Another instance of intolerance. I don't know how the gay marriage issue will work out in the long run, but at present America has come a long way even since the Matthew Shepherd incident in its tolerance of this kind of diversity.

The Gay Question

In short, again, all these are stereotypes. Yet, they have enough basis in reality that when you hear the phrase "San Francisco values" you know what it means. Yes, to some the term is code for anti-gay. It's not for me. I am aware that San Francisco is a major center for gays. This does not bother me.

I do hope, though, that gays, who are predominantly liberal, will begin to examine some of their values and learn to appreciate conservatism. The Log Cabin Republicans, and other gay Republicans who haven't "come out," are true heroes to me. They resist the fascist pressure to conform that liberals apply in every sphere of life. They know that conservative values are better for society at this time in our history, and stand up against the stereotypes that liberals have fostered about Republicans.

I am told that things are different in the South. If this is still true, then I will join with gays and blacks and Hispanics, and all good people in the South, to rectify this. On the other hand, I know that where I live, in Los Angeles, the only racism I see on a daily basis is against whites.

Why Conservatives Abhor "San Francisco Values"

San Francisco Values, to conservatives, mean a whacky leftist, fascist, anti-American, anti-family, anti-traditional core of values that sees good guys as evil and bad guys as good. It lets others die so they can have the freedom to demonize them for their sacrifice.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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paz y amor said...

So in other words, it's just like "Conservatism" but focused on different issues....

Rock said...

paz, I have to catch up on responding to comments lately. I'm not sure I understand this comment, but maybe I do.

I repeat that I am open to finding someone who will post on my site from the left. Either as a guest blogger or even a regular poster. I am aware that reading just the conservative side of an issue might be difficult for a liberal. At least I know there is balance for you in your responses, and of course the blogoshpere is full of leftist sites.

There does remain this huge divide between how conservatives and liberals see things. As you see, I can't "prove" my way of seeing things. I don't think there is proof that conservatism is better at this time in history. I have to agree with you that we have a theory and your side has a theory. We believe our side is better and you believe your side is better.

The San Francisco values that we conservatives perceive are the ultimate in what we do not want for our country. Maybe they are the ultimate in what you perceive as what you do want for our country.

If so, then at least it is clear what we disagree on.

I and many of my fellow conservatives, continue to understand and even support some parts of classical liberalism. We will get very passionate, though, about fighting the San Francisco values I have outlined in this post. These are the values that make us angry.

Sunni Kay said...

Perhaps this may not be the appropriate time to voice this, but I couldn't resist. There is a bumper sticker that is in hot demand in Nevada. I recently acquired one. It says: "I don't care how it was done in California".