Monday, September 25, 2006

Long Live Pope Benedict XVI!

I think that the Pope holding strong with his limited apology to Islam is so important that this is the only message of today’s post. The Pope has continued to repeat various versions of , and I am paraphrasing, “I’m am sorry for the reaction that has occurred in the Muslim world over my remarks concerning a dialogue between our faiths.” (See the interesting The Pope Blog)

We all know by now that the Pope was, in effect, saying that he condemns violence in the name of religion. There is only one faith that perpetrates violence in the name of their God at this time, and that is Islam. Yes, of course, the Pope is not talking to the innocent. He is not talking to those who speak out against Islamic violence. He is talking, however, to the perpetrators and supporters of Islamic terrorism.

The question continues to arise, are we in the West in a war with Islam? No, I don’t think so. We are, though, at war with a significant faction of Islam—the one that does use and perhaps twist the words of the Quran for violent purposes. Since we don’t want to offend 1.3 billion people, if possible, we are careful to say that most Muslims are peace loving. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. I do know that all of the world’s religious violence at this time is perpetrated by Islam. I do know that few Muslims speak out against this. Yes, the innocent Muslims do fear expulsion from their community, and even fear for their lives. Yet this is what courage is all about.

I call again for courage in the Muslim community. Condemn violence in the name of Allah.

Long live Pope Benedict XVI!


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LAEvanesce said...

Amen. If Benedict had been a slight bit more conservative with his original speech then perhaps an apology wouldn't be needed, but it was likely more effective to stab them in the chest and call the paramedics instead of stab them in the arm and leave. I suppose it's sort of like, "Sorry I was so aggressive, but I'm still right" over and over again. Fun stuff...

Rock said...

laevanesce, nice to hear from you. You are quite clever. It usually takes folks (me included) more years than you have to develop such an understanding of human dynamics. Yeah, the Pope is being quite sophisticated in his remarks. He's apologizing, but still making his point. Fun indeed.