Thursday, September 28, 2006

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

You on the left will not take the advice given for you from time to time in this blog, which is fine. Today you will get the most valuable lesson of all, how to win the November election and take over the House, if not the Senate.

The only ones who can lose for liberal the upcoming election are the liberals. That’s right, you guys have the power to win, or lose.

I am a bellwether on elections, believe it or not. How I behave in November will be typical for a large number of independents and wavering conservatives. Polls in the last few months have shown that the Democrats were likely to take over the House, and maybe even the Senate. As is reflected in the polls, for many months I was mostly feeling that I was going to sit this election out. Bush and Republicans have let us down on immigration, overspending, and the execution of the Iraq war, among other issues. Governor Schwarzenegger has proven to be mostly liberal. As opposed to what many people believe, I feel that staying at home is a vote. It is a vote for none-of-the-above. That has been my inclination, both on a state and on a national level.

As I say, I am representative of independents and wavering conservatives. This is how all of us have been feeling. But, have you noticed, the polls are starting to swing Bush’s and the Republicans’ way now. Now it is iffy whether the Democrats can take over control of the House, let alone the Senate. If the trend continues, the Democrats may accomplish the impossible, lose another election to an unpopular President fighting an unpopular war with an unpopular Congress. How is this possible?

Again, things as they were, I’d just as soon remain home, and not vote. But the more Bush-bashing I hear, the more hatred, the more irrationality spewing from the left, and their lack of any rational plans for anything—this is going to drive me to the polls. I simply will not, without a fight, let the country be put in the hands of lunatics who cannot engage in rational political discourse.

You want to win the November elections, Democrats? Then stop the Bush-bashing, stop the hatred, start speaking rationally, and tell me your realistic plans to handle Iraq, the war on terror, defense issues in general, the economy, health care, poverty, the environment, and so on. I know the accepted political wisdom is that negative campaigning works, but it’s not working now. I can’t think of a single thing the Democrats are for, besides raising taxes. They want a better Iraq strategy. What strategy? They want a more effective war on terror. What are they going to do differently? They want a better economy. Good luck on that one. The stock market is at an all time high; the unemployment rate is low; there are more homeowners than at any time in history; oil prices are down; and on and on.

Tell me your plan, your vision for the future. Otherwise, the more Bush-bashing I hear, the more motivated I will be to get out and vote. Notice that the rational Senator Joe Lieberman remains ahead in the polls in his run as an Independent in Connecticut, up against What’s His Name, the irrational, Bush-bashing far left guy who will lose that election. Another bellwether event. Thank you Democrats for your help in blowing the November elections for yourselves. Only you guys could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


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