Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To Vote or Not to Vote, That is the Question

Speaking as a conservative, I think I am somewhat typical in a lot of my feelings about the upcoming election. While the majority of conservatives might not agree with me issue by issue, I think that overall I am representative.

I notice that the Republicans, led by George Bush, are now in campaign mode. Bush is at his best in this mode. He turns forceful and persuasive and even eloquent when he speaks. He hones in on issues. He knows how to whip up his base.

Be careful, though, Mr. President—I am part of that base.

I see and feel that you are in campaign mode. I don’t mind this. In fact in some ways it’s about time. I certainly don’t want Nancy Palosi as the next Speaker of the House, nor Hillary Clinton nor Al Gore as my next President. Plus, I continue to agree with you, Mr. President, on several issues—like the decision to invade Iraq, the war on terror, taxes, the economy, and America’s place in the world.

On the other hand, I, and many of my fellow conservatives, remain deeply disappointed in a couple of things. Your immigration policies have transformed America from the place I knew into a potential Third World Country. It’s not about race. Every race is beautiful in the eyes of God, and should be likewise in the eyes of man. Rather, it’s about culture and values. You have allowed, Mr. President, our country to be flooded with people who don’t speak our language, don’t have our values, don’t love America, and don’t love our system.

Past waves of immigration started out the same, yes, I know. The Italians, the Irish, the Germans, and so on, were all hated for a while. People are natural xenophobes I guess. These immigrants, though, wanted to become Americans. They learned our language and culture. Plus, they came in numbers small enough so that it naturally led to assimilation. It is possible to assimilate a finite number of people at a time.

The present immigration wave is the greatest in our history. Census 2000 results indicate that there were between 8 and 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States in 2000. The Center for Immigration Studies has reported stats which show that 700,000 to 800,000 new illegal aliens were settling in the U.S. during the late 1990s and that around 1 million settled in the most recent year of record.

Of the 11 million illegal aliens presently here, about 70% do not speak English in the home. A large percentage have loyalty to their country of origin and not America. In fact, many among them do not even like America. They are here for financial reasons. They have no intention of becoming American nor even of learning our language.

I don’t blame the Mexicans for this. They have a right to love their country, language, culture and customs. In many ways it is a beautiful culture. What I object to is that America is a beautiful culture too, and we are losing it. The natural process of assimilation is unable to continue working in the face of such an invasion. There is no social pressure to learn our language, adopt our values, and become American.

Instead, we are becoming another Canada, another Europe. While Canada and Europe are fine and charming and wonderful places on this earth, again, so was the America I knew, and that is being lost. We are being Balkanized. We are becoming multi-cultural. To the Democrats this sounds like a good thing. To me, this means a loose collection of various self-interested communities.

Iraq is this way. You’ve got your Sunnis and your Shiites and your Kurds. They live in the same country but might as well live on Mars, the moon, and Pluto. They speak different languages, have different cultures, have different religions, and see things differently. They even hate each other, as the present slaughter evidences. They don’t comprise, yet, and may never, a single country or nation.

We are becoming like this. We will have, if things continue the way they are going, your Caucasian nation, your African-American nation, your Hispanic nation, and your other nation, including Orientals and others. These nations will have their own language and culture. They will think of themselves as separate and distinct. They will have no loyalty to the larger nation as a whole. They will be self-interested. An Hispanic voter, for example, will vote with only one perspective, is this candidate good for the Hispanic community? Not, is this candidate good for the American people?

It is not a good thing. Mr. Bush, you have failed your country in the deepest possible way on this issue.

Another issue where you have disappointed me is your over-spending. You have wasted money like a Democrat. You haven’t vetoed a single appropriations bill, George. You’ve authored some of the most frivolous spending in our nation’s history. You have, therefore, burdened future generations with our debt, and our present economy with fiscal irresponsibility.

Then of course there is Iraq. I support your decision to invade Iraq. You’ve made strategic and tactical errors, though, in conducting the war. Yes, I know, Monday-morning quarterbacking is always easy to do. So, I don’t blame you for past mistakes. Things happen in war, unexpected things. What I blame you for, though, is your inflexibility. Instead of continuing, as in Vietnam, with a failed war policy, change, now, to an effective one.

One alternative, for example, is to stop trying to be politically correct. Bomb the villages that support terrorists and insurgents back to the Stone Age, like FDR and Truman did in World War II. You persist, though, on an opposite course. A “moderate” war, where you try not to offend. You want to be liked, your biggest weakness. Instead, you are hated anyway, and you are running an ineffective war.

So, whom will I vote for? Will I even vote?

If I vote, I of course will vote conservative. This does not always mean Republican, but it often does. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, is hardly a conservative anymore. I don’t think I’ll be voting for him. I won’t vote for Angelides either, so I guess I’ll be leaving that spot blank on the ballot. I will be voting Republican, however, for several other posts.

As far as the presidential race goes at this point, I don’t see any candidates I can get excited about yet. The only national politician who is tough on immigration is Tom Tancredo from Colorado, and he probably could never get the nomination. I’d love to see Condoleeza Rice run, but she will probably go the unbrave (I certainly won’t say cowardly) way of Colin Powell and not run. I could support Rudi Giuliani, and I might be able to hold my nose and get behind John McCain, but neither of these politicians are good on immigration.

On the Democratic side, the nightmares for the nation would be, of course, Hillary, John Kerry, Al Gore or John Edwards. The only national politician on the Democratic side who sounds reasonable to me is Barack Obama. Still, he is a liberal, and he will have to satisfy his increasingly leftist, anti-American, anti-capitalistic, anti-free enterprise, anti-democratic base.

In short, I’m not yet passionate about anyone who is running.

To my President, in conclusion, you are great in campaign mode, Mr. President, but you’ve lost your ability to inspire me due to your shameful immigration policies. You have been a great president with the war on terror overall, but you’ve fought an ineffective war in Iraq, and you’ve lost our country to multi-culturalism and this mass invasion.

I would hate Nancy Palosi to be the next Speaker of the House, but I don’t have a clear enough alternative to her. Get me a Tom Tancredo and I can get excited.


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