Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blacks Face Their Biggest Enemy

So, What Country Is this? “Disparity Between Rich & Poor Spurs Violence” Suzanne Goldenberg, Washington, The Guardian

In a city that is 60% black, African-American students have the lowest performance levels in the country; overall 37% of Washingtonians cannot read well enough to fill out a job application. Four percent carry the HIV virus - a higher rate of infection than any other American city. Mr. Chambliss argues that such divisions find an outlet in violent crime. “It creates an anger and a callousness towards those people who benefit from society,” he says. “There is a parallel with terrorism where the upper class white people become the enemy just as the western infidels become the enemy of Islam. I see this as a pattern that could be the beginning of a very serious change in crime, and where it is committed, and how it is committed."

Truth from a Few Prominent Black Leaders

Several Blacks have expressed the truth lately on this kind of issue, including Bill Cosby and Larry Elder. Read their recent years’ remarks and works and you’ll find much wisdom on the subject of black underachievement. This is relevant to me, a white man, because black leaders in recent years have blamed the government, racism, and the white man for their plight.

The DC situation repeats itself all over the country, in pockets, from Watts to Detroit to Chicago. The truth is, though, that while the black middle class has grown steadily, it doesn’t get the press of the black poor. More blacks own homes now, for instance, than at any time in history. More blacks are middle class, period, than at any time in history. Yet, there remain those troubling pockets.

I also am reminded of a distinct difference between the success of foreign-born blacks who come to America, like those from Nigeria. Why do they succeed, while homegrown blacks in D.C. fail?

Cosby and Elder have the answers. I have my answer too.

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How Did Cosby and Elder Make It in America?

Cosby and Elder are two blacks who made it big in America. Why? They worked hard, ignored racism, got educated, and accepted no excuses for themselves. This is the universal formula for success. Anyone who follows these precepts will make it in America, with one level of success or another. Larry Elder, for example, grew up in a poor neighborhood in Watts. His father was a janitor and his mother a maid. He just worked hard, learned proper English, got educated, and became a lawyer, then a national radio talk show host.

Who Should We Blame for Black Underachievement?

Who is keeping blacks back at this time in history? Mostly, it’s the Democratic Party. The Democrats preach victimhood and the blacks buy it. I blame the blacks too for accepting the role of victims, but the Democrats do their best to keep pounding the idea into national consciousness.

This is the message Democrats preach, loud and clear:

You, my ignorant, helpless, unfortunate black men and women, are the victims of racism. You are not capable of earning a living, so we’ll help you. You aren’t smart enough to get into college, so we’ll enact a quota. You aren’t good enough at business to compete, so we’ll force people to do business with you. Your vote isn’t even counted because of voter fraud.

You deserve to feel enraged at the white man, so we, the Democratic Party, will partner with you in denouncing whites. You can join with us because we’re the party that hates whites. In fact, we hate racist, homophobic, capitalistic, big-business, lying, cheating America as much as you do.

We’ll raise your taxes, but in return we’ll let you stand in line for our handouts. You won’t ever become rich, because corporate America will never allow that, but you can at least have our free health clinic. I know you’ll have to stand in line awhile there too, and the care you get won’t be great, but that’s because the rich people won’t give even more money to help these clinics.

Life is against you. Whites and the corporations will never let you rise. With us, though, you will have a voice. You can come to our political rallies and complain. You can carry signs and denounce America right along with us, and that will make you feel better.

I could go on, but you get the idea. You think I’m exaggerating? Not a bit. That is exactly the Democratic message to minorities.

The Democratic Message to Whites

Its message to whites is similar, but veers more towards the guilt angle.

You, my white, rich constituent, have made your money through corruption and greed. You ought to give back most of it in the form of taxes, so we can help the minorities. The more money you give us, the better person you are. America is a bad country. We are war-mongering, imperialistic, racist bigots. We must do penance. Our penance is to denounce ourselves and give all our money to the government and the Democratic Party.

And on and on.

Enemy of the People

Of course, when the Democrats do get those taxes, they create bigger bureaucracies, which never do get the money into the hands of the minorities. They make sure the little money that does reach the street is in the form of handouts, too, and not anything that will actually help minorities become truly successful. They dole out fish instead of teaching men and women to fish. They penalize, with higher taxes and regulations, the very companies that could provide the avenue to wealth for minorities.

Again, this is not an exaggeration. In America today, from taxes to war, and on this issue of minority underachievement, the Democratic Party is the enemy of blacks, the enemy of all minorities, the enemy of the people.

As I’ve said, liberalism is a legitimate political philosophy, but not in the hands of the demagogues of the present-day Democratic Party.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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Tom said...

Real long comment. You can copy this and use it elsewhere and delete this post if you want. Couldnt find a way to email it

As I mentioned before, I am the School Board Chairman of a suburbia school system that is primarily black and Hispanic. The “achievement gap” is a well used term that implies bigotry but is well received by white school officials racked with guilt. Most school systems offer the same education to all that show up. In fact, they even try harder on those that can’t speak English or come from areas of poverty. So where does this “gap” come from? Why isn’t there an Asian gap? I was intrigued when I first heard the term because I was convinced I could make a few policy changes and close this darn gap and be a political hero to the down trodden. So I studied our policy and found nothing that separated the races. I went to the schools and found the classrooms were of mixed races. We didn’t separate the blacks into the “dumb” classes. So I dug deeper. What I found was that blacks didn’t value education as much as other races. Why?

I can understand that not too many decades ago blacks were given little or no education. Wasn’t right but we had an agrarian culture and they could always find work. (Same thing happened to the Irish when they migrated). So finally, a few decades ago, school systems were required to offer equal education to all. One might expect a “gap” for a number of years. Maybe even a generation might go by until there was an educational model established in the family. Someone to look up to and follow into a better education. So now years later we haven’t seemed to make much progress. I was intrigued and thought I would go ask the fountainhead of all black knowledge, the NAACP. I met with the local chapter head and was told that we need more black, male mentors. Simple enough. We decided to go recruit successful black businessmen, church leaders, NAACP, etc. and have a meeting to discuss how to influence the black males in our school system. We invited the NAACP and about 40 men to attend a breakfast at our office. 12 showed up and the NAACP stayed home. I was fascinated. I could see 38 busy guys not making it, they have careers. But were the hell was the NAACP? AWOL. I started to assume they would rather have the issue than the answer.

Well five years later I have come to a few conclusions. First off when a race is that embedded into one political party they listen exclusively to one voice. That voice tells them that life is unfair and white people WILL keep you back. Don’t even try. Flashback to the voting story about blacks not showing up since it’s all rigged anyway. This is the headline for most blacks. It’s propagated by the Democrats exclusively.

I deal with the typical educational culture of liberalism and welfare. Schools have a tendency to “do good” and make sure that the community is taken care of. Free lunch. Free breakfast. Outreach for clothes, glasses, medical care, English classes for the parents, etc. The school is the first place to go when you need help. I recently (last week) had a call from a parent that we wouldn’t provide her son with glasses. I was intrigued because we have good partners in the business community that do help kids like this. The whole story was that we did get the kid glasses. He broke them. We got a second pair. He broke them. Mom wanted a third pair. Found out he was breaking them on purpose because he didn’t like wearing them. So mom calls the Board Chairman to complain. She said, her words exactly, “You have violated my Federal Homeless Rights………”. She is 25 years old and has six kids. My fault I am sure.

There are countless stories like this and it seems pervasive in our culture. The gap will continue for many reasons but mainly because black leadership and the liberals in government want it to continue. It sustains the Doctrine of Unfairness and Racism that allows them their only purpose in life. I argued this point with a mom who said I didn’t understand because I was white. She said whites would always keep the blacks down and poor and we wouldn’t allow them to succeed. I pointed to my black neighbors, all of who are black, and asked her if the whites got together and decided to let “a few of ya’ll in” or did they work hard and make regardless of the system put against them. I told her to go ask them and see what they said. I have become jaded I suppose because it’s difficult to see an end to this supposed racism that infests education and life. For many blacks it’s an expected result to be nothing but poor. They have become resigned to this fate because of their skin color.

They vote Democrat almost exclusively. They get the same results from their leadership. I remember the Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite of everything he has ever done. The results were a change in outcome. I challenge the black people of America to do the same.

Sarge Charlie said...

go figure, we have well educated well spoken black people and they are uncle toms. Yet we have well educated well spoken blak people and they, Harold Ford and O-rock-O-Bama, and they are not uncle toms. What is the difference, simple, some tell the truth, and som work to keep black people locked in their hopelessness. The truth is, their real problem is that they are victums of "The Great Society".

Rock said...

Tom, if you don't object, I'm going to post your comment as a post. I'll clean up the grammar etc. but keep your words. If that's all right, it will appear tomorrow.


Rock said...

Tom, if you don't object, I'm going to post your comment as a post. I'll clean up the grammar etc. but keep your words. If that's all right, it will appear tomorrow.