Monday, October 23, 2006

A Good Muslim

I have criticized the Muslim community for not speaking out against their bloody brothers. I have started to see just such Muslims beginning to make their feelings heard. I wonder if these good Muslims get the kind of attention their ruthless co-religionists do? I think any Muslim who does speak out is brave and saintly. I hope this kind of thing happens with more and more regularity. I found this weekend just such a Muslim, a good man committed to the truth. This kind of Muslim can be one of the leaders in the much-needed Islamic Reformation. Here follows the letter I found in the Jerusalem Post of Friday, 10/20/06. Bravo.
The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, recently issued a decree to its supporters: Kill at least one American in the next two weeks "using a sniper rifle, explosive or whatever the battle may require."

Well, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, I am an American too. Count me as the one of those you have asked your supporters to kill.

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I am not alone. There are thousands of Muslims with me in Las Vegas, and many more millions in America, who are proud Americans and who are ready to face your challenge. You hide in your caves and behind the faces of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. You don't show your faces and you have no guts to face Muslims. You thrive on the misery of thousands of Muslim youth and children who are victims of despotism, poverty and ignorance.

During the past two decades, you have brought nothing but shame and disaster to your religion and your world.

You said "not to drop your weapons," not to let "your enemies rest until each one of you kills at least one American within a period that does not exceed 15 days."

But I invite you to surrender, to seek forgiveness from God almighty for the senseless killing you and your supporters are involved in and repent for everything you have done.

You say that the word of God is the highest. Yes, it is. But you are not worthy of it. You have abandoned God and you have started worshipping your own satanic egos that rejoice at the killing of innocent people. You don't represent Muslims or, for that matter, any decent human being who believes in the sanctity of life.

Many among us American Muslims have differences with our administration on domestic and foreign issues, just like many other Americans do. But the plurality of opinions does not mean that we deprive ourselves of the civility that God demands from us. America is our home and will always be our home. Its interests are ours, and its people are ours. When you talk of killing Americans, you first have to kill 6 million or so Muslims who will stand for every American's right to live and enjoy the life as commanded by God.

BY GROWING a beard, shouting some religious slogans and misquoting and misusing some verses of the divine scriptures, you cannot incite Muslims to do things that are contrary to our religion. Yes, you even fail to understand the basic Islamic principles of life and living. Islam demands peace in all aspects of life. Islam demands respect for life. Islam demands justice.

What you are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, India or other parts of the world is anti-human and anti-divine. You are an enemy of Islam as much as you are an enemy of America. You must understand that God who entrusted you with life is the same God who spelled His spirit in every human being regardless of his or her religion or ethnicity or nationality or status. You are violating Him.

We feel totally disgusted with your action and we condemn you without any reservation. Don't come to our mosques to preach this hatred. Don't visit our Islamic centers to spill the blood of innocents. Don't think that just because we share the same religion, we would show some sympathy to you. You are not of us. You don't belong to the religion whose followers are trying to live a peaceful life for themselves and others serving the divine according to their understanding. In our understanding of faith. You appear as anti-divine and anti-human. We reject you now as we rejected you yesterday.
There is nothing common between you and us.

We stand for life, you want to destroy it.

One part of the letter I really like is I am not alone. If so, then this is good news. I apologize that I seem to have lost this fine person's name, and I have no access to past issues of the Jerusalem Post at the moment. If someone comes across the name I'd be happy to append it to the article.

In any event, thank you my friend, our friend, and our Muslim brother; and you, those Muslims who think like this. Salam Aleichem.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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charlie said...

Brovo, Brovo, Brovo, I would be proud to stand side by side with this American. I am sure I will stand the Post and this Great American would do the same.

PS: I would like to pistol whip the CNN reporter, I am not sure what I resent most about Ted Turner, CNN or Hanoi Jane.

charlie said...

Brovo, Brovo, Brovo, I would be proud to stand side by side with this American. I am sure I will stand the Post and this Great American would do the same.

PS: I would like to pistol whip the CNN reporter, I am not sure what I resent most about Ted Turner, CNN or Hanoi Jane.

SGT DUB said...

Good job. As you have pointed out and I have been saying for a while, we need this type of coverage. We need the true Muslims to be heard. This is the type of article that needs to be spread across the United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, basically everywhere, heck throw the Pope in there too. But it's amazing how hard it is to find coverage on these people, because, media is about hype and we know the media isn't interested in what's actually true. Keep it up and if you get any more information on the article's writer get it posted. Keep up the good work.

charlie said...

Hi Rock, me agian, i just wanted to tell you that early voting started in Florida today, Miss Bee and yours truly showed up and cast our ballot. I have heard a lot of crying about photo ID cards, FYI in Florida you must have and show a photo ID. As strange as that may sound that did nothing to impeade my ability to vote.

Rock said...

Sgt Dub, thank you for your comments and your support of this fine human being. I certainly will be on the lookout for this man's name and anyone else who steps forward similarly. Keep yourself safe and continue contributing to the world in a positive way. We are praying for you and for our success in these endeavors.

Rock said...

Charlie, isn't that disgusting? Unbelievable. I wonder who sanctioned this kind of reporting? Could it really be from the top? I guess it must be.

Thank you too for your comments on the fine Muslim.

Boy, you are being discriminated against. Being asked to show an ID in order to vote. What's next, making you have a driver's license to drive your auto?