Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mark Foley, Another Politician Gone Astray

Mark Foley, Republican member of the House of Representatives from the 16th District of Florida, resigned officially on September 29, 2006, after sexually suggestive emails were discovered from him to a 16-year old male page, and to other pages, for years.

Mr. Foley was a familiar face on the national scene. He had a strange kind of hitch in his speaking, something akin to a tic or a half stutter, but he always seemed to be an effective congressman, and deeply involved in the nation’s business. Which is why I am sad to see him go, and troubled that he did what he did.

This kind of thing makes us all revert to our stereotypes of congressman and politicians. We distrust them, and question their motives. Too many of them are crooked. Obviously, this hurts all politicians, but also directly the Republicans. Prominent Christians and prominent Republicans, like Jimmy Swaggert and Tom Delay, have let us down. Since, in my opinion, Christians and Republicans are often, but not always, on the correct side in political matters, it is disheartening that individuals like Mark Foley hurt the reputation of the party to an extent that might endanger Republican control of congress.

Now the Republicans will choose an alternate in that formerly “safe” seat in the House, and chances are better that the Democrats will win that seat. The tide of fortune often turns on such events. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I say to all you politicians, clean up your act. Do the peoples’ business and stay on the moral high ground. It matters.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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paz y amor said...

C'mon Rock, are you kidding yourself? This Foley guy was a bad seed to begin with obviously. You make it sound as if he was a straight up guy before getting elected into congress and all of a sudden makes a couple indecent proposals to teenage boys on a whim- becoming "Another Republican gone astray..." He's been GAY all along and has a thing for younger men, WAY younger men. See I think the difference between you and I when we perceive people in power is that you view these politicians as better and more adept than the average joe and clean as a whistle until proven otherwise. I view them as fallible humans, who- like everyone else- have innate and perverse carnal desires and are only caught when they trust the wrong person, or their egos get so big that they get careless. These desires may border on the fringe in many cases (like Mark Foley) and are contrary to the clean cut image most Americans have of the faithful, noble, religious, and incorruptible politician of the American imagination! The funniest thing about the whole thing is that the folks over on Fox"news" were saying, "The parents of the page who received the emails didn't want this to be made public, and the Democrats waited for the most opportune moment to let this out..." HUH?!?!?! Is that an excuse for his actions? If you ask me, that's just a terrible job of the biased conservative media trying to whitewash the inappropriate behaviour of a Republican! But I digress. The point is that regardless of how correct/"Christian" you think Republican values are, all members of congress/government on the left AND right are human and succumb to all kinds of debaucherous things, sexual and more- most just haven't been caught (read: outed) yet.

paz y amor said...

So now he blames his alcoholism for his behaviour. Unbelievable. Cover up one "problem" with another- classic detraction tactic...