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Madonna and Her Adopted Baby

Father of Madonna's planned Malawi child wanted him back, 16/10/2006, ABC News Online
The father of the Malawian child pop star Madonna wants to adopt said he had not originally planned to give up his son for good when he handed him to an orphanage after the death of his wife last year.

Yohane Banda told a British newspaper he put his son David in an orphanage when he was just over one-month-old, fearing that he was ill with malaria, which killed his two other sons.

“I suppose deep in my heart I always imagined that when he was better, or I had got another wife, I would go and take him back,” Mr. Banda told the Mail on Sunday.

“I did not think anyone would want to take him away.”

Malawi's High Court granted the 48-year-old entertainer and her filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie an interim order allowing them to take custody of the boy less than a week ago, but the adoption plan has sparked anger in Malawi and elsewhere.

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Malawian law prohibits adoptions by non-residents, but officials granted an exemption or waiver to Madonna.

Human rights groups are challenging that decision and plan to seek a court injunction on Monday to stop the adoption.

Eye of the Child, the leading child advocacy group in Malawi, said the request would be filed in a magistrate's court in the capital Lilongwe on behalf of about five dozen non-governmental organizations.

Madonna defends Malawi adoption Baltimore Sun, October 18, 2006.
Madonna said yesterday that she had acted according to the law in taking custody of a 1-year-old Malawian boy, responding for the first time to the debate about the legality and morality of the planned adoption. The pop star's e-mailed statement came after she was united with the baby, David Banda, at her London mansion. Madonna said she hoped to make the adoption permanent after an l8-month evaluation period, imposed by Malawi authorities.

“We have gone about the adoption procedure according to the law, like anyone else who adopts a child. Reports to the contrary are totally inaccurate,” Madonna wrote. David, who has spent most of his life in an orphanage in poverty-stricken Malawi, arrived before dawn at Heathrow Airport aboard a British Airways flight from Johannesburg, South Africa. Human rights and child protection groups were challenging a custody order in court in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe. They wanted to ensure that child-protection regulations were not swept aside for Madonna, who has been generous to Malawi. - Clinton-Madonna-Pellicano-Kabbalah: Africa Connection - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment
Can you connect these dots? Madonna-Bill Clinton-Kabbalah-Anthony Pellicano and ... Africa?

Madonna’s disastrous public-relations effort in the small African country of Malawi only gets worse. I can tell you that she has started a new charitable foundation, Raising Malawi, to help orphans in that country, but that the whole thing is a front for the Kabbalah Centre in Hollywood.

To compound matters, Clinton's own foundation is right there on Madge's new Web site as her No. 1 supporter. The Clinton Foundation is the only one of Raising Malawi’s listed partners to have a usable link on the Web site. But the chief individual benefactress is the second wife of a Hollywood billionaire who hired jailed private detective Pellicano to spy on his first wife.

The charity, Raising Malawi, is designed to spread the word of Philip Berg’s Kabbalah Centre, his own version of Kabbalah beliefs and mysticism, through Malawi’s orphaned children.

Indeed, the Web site for Raising Malawi, the new charity, tells the whole story. The entire organization is run by the Bergs as a kind of missionary program for Africa, with Madonna as the leading proselytizer.

Unlike U2’s Bono, who’s merely trying to send money to Africa by pushing the sales of red phones and T-shirts, Madonna is preaching as she disseminates her funds and largesse.

Madonna is already suffering worldwide criticism this week for taking a child away from its father and “adopting” it against Malawi law. Some say she’s “bought” a 1-year-old boy named David, and Tuesday there was news that she whisked the child out of Malawi under the cloak of secrecy. There is fresh news Wednesday that now Madonna may even want a Malawian girl to add to her collection.

But now it seems that the charity she’s set up in Malawi is just the infamous Kabbalah Centre of Hollywood under a different name. The listed founders of Raising Malawi are Michael and Monica Berg. He is described as the son of Philip Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Centre.

Madonna to join Africa Aids fight: BBC NEWS | Entertainment |
Pop star Madonna is in the African country of Malawi on a mission to try to help orphaned children living with HIV and Aids.

The singer plans to launch six projects to help underprivileged children.

According to a government official there, Madonna is also hoping to adopt a local child.

Benston Kilimbe from the Social Welfare Department claims the singer is due to file adoption papers. There has been no official word from the star herself.

Madonna and her husband already have two children, five-year-old Rocco and their daughter, Lourdes, nine.

Feeding Centre

The pop star is due to travel to a village called Mphandula where she wants to set up an education and feeding centre for children orphaned by the Aids epidemic.

I have nothing against Madonna except that she is liberal. Except for passing on the liberal myths that are destroying our society and the world, Madonna probably is a good person and a good mother. No doubt she is doing good for the world, for children with AIDS, for Malawi and for many charities. I believe she has the right to adopt a baby, or babies, in need. I don’t care if she gets special treatment because of her wealth and fame, because to me all that matters is the welfare of the child, or children. This child, except again for being brought up with the awful ideas of liberalism, will have a good life. I wish Madonna would adopt me. I’d even convert to liberalism.


Some people, with their own religious preferences, are making a big deal about Madonna and her Kabbalah proselytizing in this matter. Proselytizing the Kabbalah bothers me far less than Madonna proselytizing liberalism. The Kabbalah is an old, Jewish mysticism cult, but it’s not a bad cult. It’s just quirky. It teaches many good things, and is very humanitarian, advocating such things as generosity to charities. It’s just not Christian, and this is what bothers some.

The Disaster of Multiculturalism

One example of today’s liberal philosophy that is relevant in this case is the disastrous idea of multi-culturalism. The left thinks that all cultures are beautiful, and that you need to be indoctrinated in specific cultures depending on your skin color. If you are black, then you must be immersed in African-American culture. If you are brown, then you must be surrounded with Hispanic culture. If you are born in Malawi, then you must be immersed in Malawian culture. They of course don’t do the same if you are white. After all, white people are the “dominant” culture, so if you are born white you don’t need any cultural training at all. In fact, for you to be surrounded with “white culture” would be racist. White people are bad.

I think the true racists here are the ones who promote these fascist ideas of multiculturalism. First, not all cultures are good. Cannibalism, clitorectomy, beheadings, human sacrifice, slavery, racism, and genocide, among other things, are cultural practices that bespeak of inferior cultures. We have a right and a duty as human beings and as citizens of the world, to denounce cultures that promote such practices. Not all cultures are beautiful. Not all cultures are good. Some cultures are better than others.

That being said, it is true that all races are beautiful. All races are equal. All races deserve to be honored the same, and are equal in the eyes of God. Racism is wrong.

But so is multiculturalism. Madonna’s baby, according to the leftist multiculturalists, should be taught Malawian culture. Why? He has black skin. He was born in Malawi. It doesn’t matter whether Malawian culture is good or not. It doesn’t matter whether British or “white” culture is good or not. This child must be indoctrinated into the Malawian culture.

I’m willing to admit that every culture has beautiful things about it. Every culture has things to contribute to the world. I’m also willing to admit that “white” culture, European culture, may lack some of the beautiful things of other cultures. What I object to is the separation of human beings into groups based on skin color, or based on where you were born. I find this racist and separatist.


One of the unfortunate unintended consequences of the predominance of liberalism in America since the 1960’s is that we as a people have grown more separate instead of together. Liberalism has promoted separate languages, separate cultures, separate political ideologies, and separate ways of looking at the world. You have your Black Caucus, your Hispanic Student Union, and your women’s rights organizations. The only organization you’re not allowed to have, again, is anything “white.” White people are bad, and white organizations are racist.

Special interests have their place. I think it’s all right to be proud of your heritage. The problem comes when you begin to see the world only in terms of skin color or culture. America’s melting pot is not what it used to be. In getting rid of our racism, we threw the baby out with the bathwater. Now we have less racism but replaced it with separatism. I think this is just another form of racism. If you are Black, you are my brother. If you are Hispanic, I’ll give you a scholarship. If you are Malawian, you can join our union. If you are African-American, I’ll vote for you, even if you get caught smoking crack. If you are White, I’ll go to your school. It’s all racism. It’s all based on skin color or national origin, rather than on the “content of our character.”

There is something beautiful about the varieties of mankind. There is something wonderful about the various languages and cultures. On the other hand, we are all brothers. We have a lot in common. We ought to be looking out for all the world, not just our particular skin color or culture.

Madonna's Baby

Madonna’s baby, except for its torturous immersion into liberalism, will be a lucky child. He will no longer face a bleak future of poverty and hunger and disease. He will be loved by a mother instead of living in an impersonal orphanage. He will be taught beautiful religious principles, in the Jewish tradition. He will also learn about his own heritage, and return to visit his country from time to time. This child could be a future leader in the world, or in Malawi.

Yes, Madonna could have just given the boy’s father a boatload of money to help get his boy back and raise him with financial security, but that could have presented its own set of problems for the boy. For example, the other children could have been merciless in their jealousy of the boy’s good fortune. In addition, could the father know what to do with the money? Just dumping money on people can backfire. Look what happens to lottery winners. Really, all that matters should be—where would the child be better off? All things being considered, even taking into account Madonna’s liberalism, the child will have a better chance living with her.

Give the kid a break. Give Madonna a break. The adoption is a good thing.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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