Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good and Evil, Part One

This will be a two-post series on Good and Evil, starting today with how Hollywood sees the issue.

In their private and political lives, Hollywood sees only one evil in the world, George Bush and the Republicans. Castro is fine. Chavez is peachy. Putin is tootin. Only the evil George Bush and his dark army of Republicans should be scourged from the earth.

We need to be “nice” to terrorists, so we don’t anger them. We must open a “dialogue” with Kim Jung Il, so he doesn’t blow us up with nukes. We ought to have left the “nasty” Saddam Hussein in power; after all, he was just mass murdering his people, and who cares about them?

Do we need to be “nice” to George Bush? Must we open a “dialogue” with him? No, heavens no. Demonize him. Belittle him. Stop him from speaking. Impeach him. Make movies about his assassination. Compare him to a chimpanzee. After all, he is the truly evil one. We should be polite to the terrorists and Kim Jung Il because they, after all, underneath, are human like us. But George W. Bush is a monster.

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Hollywood History

Starting with Jane Fonda sitting behind a gun that shot down American airmen in Vietnam, applauding Viet Cong “heroism;” to Robert Redford lauding Castro; to Sean Penn visiting Iraq and giving the world advice on how to handle things there; to Cindy Sheehan gushing over Hugo Chavez, Hollywood and many on the left never met a tyrant they didn’t love. They never hugged a murderer who wasn’t a good person, like Tookie Williams. Many on the left say they don’t believe in good and evil. The Soviet Union was never an “evil empire.” Nazi Germany had some pretty good ideas (according to leftists of the time). The Viet Cong were just fighting for freedom. On and on.

Torture? So what. Mass murder? So what. Repression? So what. Leave those nice Muslims alone who behead Americans and repress their women. They have their beliefs, and we have ours, and we’re all good.

Except Republicans. Except George W. Bush. Those conservatives are really mean. They shouldn’t be allowed to exist, well maybe on some little farm in Nebraska, away from the rest of us.

Good and Evil in Hollywood Movies

The interesting thing to me, speaking as a psychologist, is that Hollywood really does believe in good and evil. You see it in their movies all the time. The Evil Empire strikes back. The good guy and the bad guy. The villain and the hero. You’ve got your good Jack even in Titanic and your bad rich guy. Your Luke Skywalker and your Darth Vader. Your Will Smith character in Independence Day and your evil aliens. The Hobbits in Lord of the Rings and your dragons. Good and evil.

Why do these movies resonate with the human spirit? Because they symbolically report the truth. There really is good and evil in the world, and people love to see the good guys triumph. Only for liberals, this unerring sense they have of reality evident in their fantasies, has become perverted in their perceptions of the real world. In the real world they, through cowardice, I believe, have made the good guys the bad guys and vice versa.

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, Leftist Style

The U.N.? Good. America? Bad.

Terrorists? Good (they are “freedom fighters”). George Bush? Evil.

Communism and socialism? Good. Capitalism? Bad.

A just war? Bad. Terrorism? Understandable.

Dead Iraqis? Who cares? Dead terrorists? Oh my God!

The world hating America? Good, we deserve it. America hating terrorists? Bad.

The Planet of Liberalophlagy

in the second solar system, two blocks left of ICAN'TTHINKSTRAIGHT and one degree north of IWANTOMESSUPTHEWORLD.

Liberals live on another planet, another universe—and it isn’t even parallel.

Inside the Psyche of Today's Leftists

I have a theory about why rabid leftists are this way, and how they got this way. (Disclaimer--this applies only to the loons of the left, like Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, and Cindy Sheehan). First, of course, Nixon betrayed us all and made us suspicious of government. Second, Hollywood has always, for some reason, had its sympathies for tyrants and communism.

Third,many of the loons come from broken homes or were abandoned by their fathers. This can lead to an unconscious hatred for authority. Since they don’t want to transfer this hatred to their bosses, as that would not be lucrative (they are capitalists too, for themselves, just not for anyone else), they transfer this hatred for authority to leaders of our country—especially when those leaders disagree with them politically. So, they hate the neglectful, abandoning, war-mongering, imperialistic, rights-stealing monster, George W. Bush.

They believe conspiracy theories because they are inclined to think of the world as being against them. All politicians are crooks, especially those with the most evil thing of all, “business connections.” Heavens to mergatroid if they have “oil connections.” Oil contacts automatically make already suspect politicians into conspirators and warmongers and, who knows what else.


To a conservative like me, thank God if a politician is “pro business.” That means he is “pro American,” “pro the common man,” and “pro poor people.” Business is a good thing. Here again, the liberals have the world backwards.

Good and evil exist. The United States of America is a good country, and George Bush is a good man. Conservatives see good and evil as it really occurs. Liberals live in Alice’s Wonderland, and are accurate judges of good and evil only in their movies.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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