Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where I Stand on the Issues

Dennis Prager, one of my all time heroes on several issues, says he prefers clarity to agreement. I agree with him. It’s hard sometimes to tell where people stand on the important issues of our day. Democrats especially, but some Republicans too, cloud their views by pandering or speaking politicalese, spewing general statements that are supposed to tell the voters that they are great guys or gals. I understand this tendency, since it works a lot of the time. On the other hand, it lacks courage. A good politician is supposed to lead sometimes, and not just follow. He or she can’t lead too much, or they really do get out of touch with their base or with the populace. But they should resist the urge to pander.

One of my major goals with this blog is to resist the urge to pander, to the left or the right. In that interest, here is how I stand on some of today’s relevant issues. I invite you to state how you stand on these also:

The War in Iraq

We were right to go there. The world is a better place without Saddam in control. This war gave the people of Iraq the chance to form a democracy and enter the 21st century.

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Mistakes have been made. I think we’ve made tactical, strategic, and cultural errors in fighting this war. Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush are to blame for this. I believe they are trying to correct course now, but I think there is a need, as I’ve said, for some really creative war making. Plus, we ought to take the gloves off or, again, become the insurgents ourselves.

The War on Terror

I believe we need the Patriot Act and more. We ought to be ruthless and stop being politically correct. We should go after any country, like Iran, that fosters terrorism. We ought to be unapologetic about our intention to destroy the terrorists and their networks, and behave like we did in WWII with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We should win.

The Patriot Act

Nobody’s civil rights have been violated, I believe, except for that unfortunate Canadian who was falsely imprisoned, and he wasn’t American was he? We need this act. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War, and we need to prevent another 9/11. Go ahead, search me, tap my phones. Thank you for doing this and keeping me safe.


Islam at this time, in many places, is a religion of death and hate. As we’ve seen, there are good Muslims, like the one who wrote in the Jerusalem Post last week, but too many mosques and madrasahs preach hatred, jihad, suicide bombing and death.

Israel and the Palestinians

Israel is a good nation that just wants peace. Palestine is a nation that wants vengeance, blood, and the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel. There will never be peace there until the Palestinians learn to love their children more than they hate the Israelis.

George Bush

President Bush, in my opinion, is a great president, for a couple of major reasons. He invaded Iraq, which was the right thing to do. Of course, he eliminated the stronghold for al-Queda in Afghanistan. He has made America safe since 9/11. He kept taxes low and created a good economy despite many obstacles, like war and hurricanes.

I grade him very low, however, on immigration policies. Because of him we are closer to a Third-World country now and heading that way fast. I also grade him low on his ability to communicate. On the other hand, he tries to communicate tirelessly, which I consider brave and admirable. He continues to plug his views day after day, despite his speaking difficulties, and when he gets passionate, his message does get through.

The Economy

The economy is going great, with the stock market at an all-time high, unemployment low, the deficit cut in half, taxes low, and so on. The one negative here is that globalization and illegal immigration have kept wages low, so that millions of Americans cannot benefit from the booming economy. I can’t blame Bush for globalization. This is a phenomena that we all must face, and solve creatively. I do blame Bush, and many Republicans, as well as all Democrats, for illegal immigration though. On this issue we lack courage. We pander. We fear the Hispanic vote. Instead of doing the right thing, politicians are just trying to get elected. And we, the American public, instead of telling the truth, fear being called racist, so we allow our country to be invaded and changed forever—to bilingual, bicultural, and Third-World.

Illegal Immigration

We need to build the fence, arm the borders, penalize employers for hiring illegals, and declare English the American official language.


We need to stand up against the liberal bias in our educational system, which is turning out liberal automatons who only later get wise enough to reject the mantras they were taught. Students are allowed to behave like fascists by throwing pies and chairs at conservatives, jeering pro-Israeli speakers, and keeping the military off campus. We need a conservative invasion on campus, not to shut down liberal free speech, but to counter it and ensure true free speech in these bastions of hatred and America-hating.

The Liberal Media

I think we are having some effect in this arena. We need to continue the fight. The major networks are still liberal, plus others like CNN, MSNBC, and PBS, but talk radio has been a major counterbalance, and bloggers, and FOX. Plus, even the majors are taking notice of conservative feelings at last. Witness Katie Couric’s free speech segments. Thank God. Hollywood nitwits are being a bit more careful now too, as they see they can’t just spout nonsense without a conservative reaction. The Dixie Chicks, for example, have had to cancel concerts and now cater to a different crowd. They’ve lost the good old boys forever. They might think this is fine, but in losing this crowd they’ve lost a natural audience for them.

The Religious Right

I believe religious Christians at this time in history are basically some of the best people on earth, with values that help America. On the other hand, I don’t want religion inserted into politics. I am a true conservative, which means I want the government out of our lives. I want them out of the abortion debate, for example.

This organization of course should be allowed to flourish in a democracy. But they, like the ACLU and other organizations, at this time in history, are one of the most harmful groups of people on the planet. I’d say that al-Queda might be the worst, then Hamas, and further down the line, somewhere not too far south, are these insidious America-hating, racist, socialist, fascist, demonizing groups. They will say, of course, that I am demonizing them. I guess I am. Can you demonize a demon? The people they demonize, though, are good people, like George Bush, and Republicans. I think there is a difference.

Gay Marriage

I am for legal rights for gay partners, including civil unions, but I am against gay marriage. Marriage is for a man and a woman. Discrimination, however, against gays is wrong. They need to be able to inherit, visit their partners in hospitals, and declare together as partners for tax purposes. Plus, hate crimes against them are abominable, and, I might add, un-Christian.

There, have I missed anything? Let me know where you stand.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

1. war in iraq: with you
2. war on terror: with you
3. patriot act: WITH you
4. islam: i would like to see more of them be verbal against terrorism
5. israel and the palestinians: with you
6. george bush: with you, and he endears me with his funny words, honest, caring, smart, brave
7. the ecomony: don't much notice it because we are retired, but things sure seem to be going well for us!!!
8. illegal immigration: with you
9. liberal media: with you
10. religious right: WITH you, i want all the men out of my womb! period!
11. can you spell terrorists?
12. gay marriage: to each his own

okay rock, those are my answers and i'm stickin' to 'em!


charlie said...

Good afternoon sir, I read your blog and then I read it again. How could I debate you, it would be like debating myself. My position on most your points looks like a mirror.

THE WAR IN IRAQ: Mistakes have been made, who was to blame when on D Day our Airbourn was dropped in the wrong places, when the gliders were overloaded and crash landed killing people, you see war is a hard thing and mistakes are always made, you must make midstream corrections and go foward, either that or stay home. Did we humiliate Eisenhower for the errors no we went foward, why is there a need to blame Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush, midstream corrections are being made and then we go foward. It is called war.

THE WAR ON TERROR: Right on brother.

THE PATRIOT ACT: For the life of me I cannot understand what the problem is, it is war, has the left lost it collective mind? No, its all about power, we have it, they want it and to hell with the country.

ISLAM: Islam, like christianity, is not based on hatred, jehad, suicide bombing and death. Muslims are a kind and loving people, they must take back their religion.

ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIANS: What could demonstrate the problem better, the Israelis love their childern, the Palestinians think their childern are tools of war, oh my.

GEORGE BUSH: History will tell us that George W. Bush was the right person at the right time. The war was necessary, and he did not cause the hurricane. The left failed in their positions as Mayor and Governor but blaimed Bush for the problems in New Orleans. Years of local corruption is the cause of the problem in New Orleans. I know George Bush can part the waters but even he can not hold back the water when the dikes fail. Oh, I forgot, he should have been there to stick his finger in the hole. No politician, other than the House, has been willing to take the risk necessary to correct the problem. I am just "country" enough to understand him when he speaks, maybe you city boys need to go to redneck school.

THE ECONOMY: I know the left would like you to think it is bad, their mantra is we want "targeted" tax cuts, can they ever get over this, poor people do not pay taxes, the Child Tax Credit assures that. The the tax code is now a form of welfare, giving tax refunds to people who did not pay taxes.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Are you sure you are not a Republican member of the House.

EDUCATION: Right on brother, I would add that we need to disband the NEA, get rid of TENURE, encourage good teacher, fire bad ones, promote school vouchers and tax credit if a parant chooses to pay for his childs education. What ever happened to the three R's in public education.

THE LIBERAL MEDIA: Again you have it right, if you think what we have is bad, check out the BBC and CNN INTERNATIONAL. No wonder the world hates us. I was a fan of the Dixie Chicks, now they fall in with Jane Fonda. I love it when idiots self destruct.

THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT: Like Muslims, they need to expell the radical fringe.

MOVEON.ORG: You got it, in time they will go the way of Air America, as long as they have a market they have a right to be there. In my mind they do not exist.

GAY MARRAGE: Civil unions-Yes, and benefits that go with the unions, Marrage-No.

Tom said...

"Ditto" all the way the through except on the gay rights thing.

Different angle from a Christian-Libertarian Politician. What if government didnt sanction marriage at all? Why cant we leave this institution with the church?

Rock said...

Empress Bee, thanks for your comments. I'm happy to see there are some people out there who agree with me on many things. On the things you disagree with me, or are slightly different, I of course understand where you're coming from. Your MoveOn remark was especially cool. Thanks for letting all of us know where you stand.

Rock said...

Tom, you said:

Different angle from a Christian-Libertarian Politician. What if government didnt sanction marriage at all? Why cant we leave this institution with the church?

Interesting solution. Thanks.

Rock said...

Charlie, thanks for you detailed and thoughtful response. I appreciate all of your points of view, and you're right, we agree on a lot. It's good to let the world know these kind of views are felt passionately. Bit by bit, the blogosphere does work its small miracles, and the ideas filter up to the pols. They read and listen, maybe not to one particular blog--but to the filter of a lot of blogs--so keep blogging and commenting.

Thanks again.