Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Right Brain and Politics

Yesterday’s post was a Rorschach-type test. I’m a shrink, among other things, and I thought it would be interesting to see how readers would respond, putting their own spin on a blank canvas. There were many readers but only one brave enough to comment. Congratulations to Paz. Your response was quite insightful, as usual.

I could have been a wisenheimer and said the post was the list of positive ideas for helping the country proposed by the Democrats, but I didn’t go there. Aren’t you proud of me?

Anyway, most political debate is decidedly left-brain. See: Right and Left Brain Thinking

Left Brain:
looks at parts

Right Brain:
looks at wholes

I figure that politics needs to be looked at also with the right brain. Therefore, the cartoons I love to post. Therefore, yesterday’s post. Therefore, today’s post.

Today, I started with a random poetry generator, and applied it to Bush. I took the first line of the generated poem, and just let my imagination fly, for four lines. Give it a try. Let your right brain take you where it will. Don’t worry about being good. Don’t worry about being clever. Just do it. LAEvanesce, I’m expecting you to contribute, and Paz.

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The first line I came up with is:

In the blanket of desertion the visions perform,

Here is my poem on Bush:
In the blanket of desertion the visions perform,
George Bush tries to speak but nothing comes out.
He looks at Iraq and sees only roses
The Dems want power so they effect poses.

Preferably, use the same first line, but you're free to generate your own first line if you want. Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme of course, and it can be on politics, or Bush, or liberals, or anything political. Have fun, and benefit the world with some right-brain thinking on the subject.

If you really get passionate, go ahead and write more than four lines. Whatever. Start with four and be disciplined about it. Then, if you want, make it bigger.


(*Wikipedia is always my source unless indicated.)

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SGT DUB said...

In a blanket of desertion the visions perform,
the war rages on with it tolls,
but which war is it,
Iraq or the polls

yeah, kinda goofy, kinda accurate, kinda forgot the war in afghanistan, but all points are there.

Rock said...

Bravo Sgt Dub! Wouldn't you know a soldier would be the poet. Plus, I spy some on-the-ground truth there. I would like to know how goes the war(s) in reality, not just in the polls. Thanks Sgt Dub.